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Reyna + Leipua (Engagement) - Ali’i Lavender Farm

This is a great one to blog about. We went to the Ali’i Lavender Farm to capture some engagement photos for a lovely couple: Reyna and Leipua. That morning light was so gorgeous. The colors were perfect. Reyna and Leipua looked so amazing together. Although some of the flowers were not blooming just yet, Reyna and Leipua’s love for each other was.

During their session, we asked the couple about what they love most about each other. They both said, in concert, “personality!” Personality is what drew them together in the first place.

It’s really hard to mention just one thing they love about each other. They have been together for 13 years and never a dull moment with this couple. They still smile and laugh together. They still give each other butterflies. They love to do everything together like paddle boarding, watching movies, and cooking together. They enjoy the outdoor and taking their little doggy to the park and having a picnic. Their perfect Saturday consists of spending the day at the beach, barbecuing with family, surfing the waves and playing podagee horseshoe!!

They complete each other!

A trip to New York was a vacation they will never forget! On October 2013, Reyna and Leipua flew there to visit friends. Their best friend’s sister was their personal tour guide during their entire trip. They explored the Central Park- even had a picnic there with food they picked up from Katz's Delicatessen. It was a beautiful day! Then they started seeing all the horse carriages. Reyna always wanted to go on one. So, she begged Leipua. How romantic is that! The weather couldn’t have been better.

This is like a situation or condition you see in romantic movies. They found this huge flat rock to sit on and get romantic – like the scene from Maid in Manhattan. It was a beautiful and quiet morning. They had a spectacular view. Love was in the air.

After lunch, and as promised earlier, they walked around and headed to the horse carriage. Just ten minutes into the ride, that’s when Leipua proposed to Reyna. It was a magical moment.

That successful proposal led us to Ali’i Lavender Farm capturing their engagement photos. It was an honor to be a part of their love story. We cannot wait to photograph their wedding day.

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