Lindsay + Josh. Maternity - Rolland & Jessica

Lindsay + Josh (Maternity) - Andaz Maui at Wailea

These two lovebirds met while in high school - Lindsay was a junior and Josh a senior. They sat few seats away from each other in Spanish class. One day, Josh got up the nerve to ask Lindsay to be his prom date by the end of the school year. She said “Yes!”. She took a chance on him even though she didn’t know him well at that time. 

They got to know each other in the days and months leading up to the prom. Their first date was going to a carnival. The prom was magical, but then there was college. 

They made a choice to stay together for many years after that prom date despite going to college in two different states. Then, they both considered professional schools: Josh moved to New York City to pursue medicine while Lindsay in Buffalo to pursue law. They would take planes, trains and automobiles to see each other across state line. Despite intense school programs, busy schedules, and distance that might tear some people apart, they made it work! 

The next time Lindsay said “Yes!” to Josh was when he asked her to marry him in 2013, back at the castle where he took her to his prom 9 years earlier. They said “I do” in 2015 and now they are getting ready to welcome their first baby in 2018. 

This is such a love story.

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