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Ho’opika never looked so Hot! Jillian and Dalton wanted to document their first trip to Maui by having us photograph this part of their day. Most importantly, they wanted beautiful photos for their engagement announcement. We knew early on that Jillian is terrified of sand sticking to her. Standing and walking in it and even swimming out in the ocean is fine but sitting in the sand can easily cause her to panic. But this is Maui. This is Ho’okipa. Sands everywhere! 😊

According to Dalton, “Jillian is about the most loving and caring person I’ve ever met. She’s also incredibly goofy, intelligent, and determined. She’s is an all-in kind of person. When she loves, she loves with absolutely all of her being. When we decided we wanted to go to Hawaii last year, she got a guidebook and started planning the next day… She’s a wonderful, beautiful person, both inside and out. We hope to start a family someday, and I’ll be glad to see a little more of her in the world. I think the world could always use more Jillian. At least my world could.”

And Jillian responded back, “Dalton may be the most enthusiastic person I’ve ever met. He has more passions, talents and hobbies than I can count. At any given moment he may bound into the room to tell me about his latest discovery or accomplishment. This could be a new skill on a various instrument that he’s playing or simply that he’s made his best quesadilla yet…Dalton’s adventurous, humorous, and passionate disposition is infectious and most days I’m so happy to be along for the ride (other days he kinda drags me with him). He has lead me to discover more about my life and my faith than I ever would have without him. I love Dalton for a million reasons but I greatly admire his kindness, patience, and generosity. He is always so willing to listen and extend help to those around him, me especially…Most days I wake up and can hardly believe that he has chosen me to be his wife!”

REWIND: They met in college where they studied music. Dalton mastered the cello, and Jillian- the piano. They still play music together.

They enjoy photography together. They even photograph wedding gigs together. Traveling is what they enjoy the most. They are always planning their next trip! They love to hike and explore new places. They enjoy summer activities, such as camping and boating, with family members. Occasionally, they enjoy taking road trips to Minnesota or Brown County, Indiana.

They love to eat…LOL. Mexican food is their favorite!

(808) 205-6025

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