Chris + Katie. Proposal - Rolland & Jessica

Chris + Katie (Proposal) - Ulua Beach

Chris & Katie. Proposal We got to do a really fun paparazzi style photo shoot for this couple! It was quite cute and romantic! Chris did a great job and executed every part of his proposal date with Katie. We were sitting high up from the Ulua Beach in Wailea and tried hiding behind a bunch of bushes. A beautiful picnic was also set up for the couple on the beach.

First, Chris and Katie had some fun trying to fly a kite! It was quite funny to watch the two, but it was sweet to watch the two working together to get the kite to fly! After attempting a couple times to fly the kite on the beach, the kite ended up in the water, which was Chris’s cue to have them head over to the picnic blanket.

There, they took out everything from the basket. They sat together and talked for a little while, watching the ocean, and listened to Frank Sinatra in the background. Each time Katie looked towards us, we quickly acted like we were just watching the sunset and being a romantic couple ourselves!

So… there he was, sitting next to Katie. And then it happened. THE SIGNAL! His signal to us was pulling on his right ear three times. He then grabbed the ring box from the picnic basket, went on one knee, and proposed to Katie. Of course, she said yes!

Congratulations Chris and Katie! We are beyond excited for you both!

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